Veronika Scott Shows Us How to Dig Where You Are

I came across the Empowerment Project entirely by accident but decided I had to share what I have learned thus far about it. Veronika Scott is a young woman in her 20s who lives in Detroit. She was given an assignment in school to design something useful. What she created was a down coat that could be turned into a sleeping bag. It could also be rolled up and carried as a bag when it was too warm to wear. The coat/bag helps those with whom she’s met who live on the streets and in homeless shelters. What she has learned however is that it doesn’t solve the real problem that many face. What Veronika learned by interacting with the women in the shelters who accepted her coat, was what they really wanted was not a coat, but a job. They were willing and able to work for it. So Veronika put them to work. What started as an effort to create an innovative garment, ended up creating an empowered workforce who now helps others like themselves make a better life.