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People Are Talking About “Dig Where You Are”

Pia Lindstrom Presents, April 2, 2017 – on Sirius XM Stars 109. In this interview, Pia Lindstrom discusses with Nan Doyal what it means to dig where you are and how to get started making a difference. Listen to the podcast

Dig Where You Are’ Tells Seven Stories Of Transformation Activism | WBEZ/NPR  – World View with Jerome McDonnell. February 9, 2017

As Head of the International Forum, Nan Alexander Doyal spent years helping international executives learn more about the world in which they operate. She talks with Worldview, about some of the remarkable people she met along the way.

Author Interview on Television: CHICAGO TONIGHT, WTTW (PBS), January 17, 2017.  Link here to view an interview between Phil Ponce and Nan Doyal and read an article about the book by Nick Blumberg –  Meaningful Change Possible if You “Dig Where You Are” says Chicago Author

Meaningful Change Possible if You ‘Dig Where You Are’ image


February 16, 2017, STOWE REPORTER, Author Signs Book in Stowe

January 31,2017,  GLENCOE ANCHOR.  Article reviewing the book, by Fouad Egbaria, Editor.  Resident’s Book ‘Dig Where You Are” Tells of Community Activists Worldwide

December 14, 2016, Versaic Inc. listed their choice for the top 10 books on the subject of social responsibility. Dig Where You Are was included on that list.
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